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Are you interested in partnering with me? There are three ways in which you can help!

1) Pray! I need people who are faithfully bringing me before the Lord.

2) Donate to my relocation fund! I need to raise money to move to South Africa. This fund will cover my initial flight to SA, buying a car when I get to Bethesda, and outfitting an apartment…including some major appliances.

3) Partner with me monthly! No gift is too small. I have individuals and churches supporting me anywhere from $20 to $1225 a month. I am currently at 63% on my needed monthly support.
Here’s a breakdown of my current financial needs:

  • 3 individuals/churches at $500 a month
  • 7 individuals/churches at $250 a month
  • 16 individuals/churches at $100 a month
  • 33 individuals/churches at $50 a month
  • 66 individuals/churches at $25 a month

You can partner with me for any amount, not just the ones listed!

If you are interested in joining me, you can visit
and click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the page to set up a giving account.

Another donation option is to instruct your bank to send a check every month to FGM. Most banks will provide this service free of charge to their patrons.

You can also send monthly checks to
Faith Global Missions
5526 State Road 26 East
Lafayette, IN 47905

If you choose to send monthly checks, please make them out to Faith Global Missions and do not put my name anywhere on the check. Attach a separate note telling them this money is meant for Elise McIntosh.

FGM will send out donation statements to you for tax purposes.

Thank you for holding the rope and joining me in spreading the good news of the Gospel to the orphaned children of South Africa!


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