Bethesda Outreach

Bethesda Outreach Ministries

Bethesda is a children’s village for HIV/AIDS affected orphans, but it is not your typical orphanage. Bethesda’s mission is to raise Disciples of Christ, so that when they leave our supervision they will be equipped to preach the Gospel and effect change in their communities by sharing Christ. Bethesda believes that the best way to accomplish this purpose is through family units. When a child is brought to Bethesda they are placed into a home with a South African mother and father and up to seven siblings. These houseparents are responsible to raise the children placed under their care to love and serve the Lord. It is Bethesda’s hope that these children will become strong leaders in their communities as they show the love of Christ to a dying world.

Jabulane Christian Academy

Bethesda’s school, Jabulane Christian Academy (JCA), exists to guide students in the discovery of truth. The school opened in January, 2004, and received their official department of education registration in July, 2007. Jabulane Christian Academy’s student body is comprised of the children in Bethesda’s care, as well as staff children and students from the community.

JCA uses a Christian curriculum in a conventional school system with teachers instructing at each grade level. The school currently teaches children in Grade R (Kindergarten) through Grade 6.

As JCA continues to guide students in the discovery of truth, it is imperative that we have Christian teachers in place who are growing in their understanding of God’s Word as it relates to all aspects of life. The teachers must then encourage that God-given understanding among their students and challenge them toward a life-long pursuit of truth.

My Position

So what is my place in all of this? My main responsibility at Bethesda will be in their school, working as an elementary teacher. Jabulane Christian Academy was established so the children could be provided a solid Christian education at Bethesda. JCA is currently a school that services kindergarten through seventh grade and has about one hundred children in attendance. The older children are sent to a local high school.


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