About Me


Growing up as a pastor’s kid I was surrounded by the Gospel and the truths of the Word. When I was six years old I was in the kitchen with my mom and I remember being overwhelmed with a sense of my own sinfulness and my need for a Savior. My mom took me to the basement where my dad was and both my parents sat with me and made sure that I understood salvation and the Gospel. I prayed that day with my parents in the basement, repented of my sins, and became a child of God. I was baptized by immersion when I was eight years old.

God has been working in my life since that day when I was six. I did not lead a particularly difficult childhood…my parents are still together, we weren’t impoverished, I never went through losing loved ones when I was young…but looking back I can see God’s grace in that. As I moved toward college, God began to challenge my faith in some major ways. I’m a planner, and I had figured out how my life was going to turn out…I would get my degree in elementary education, meet and marry the man of my dreams (who I was sure would be a pastor), teach for a few years, and then settle down and have at least a dozen children. But starting the day I moved into my college dorm room, nothing has gone as I had planned. God has been teaching me to hold everything with open hands, to rely on Him instead of myself, and to be confident in His faithfulness…especially when my plans do not come to fruition.

I never wanted to be a missionary. Ever. But praise God He changes hearts and gives the desire to serve Him! Moving oversees to share the Gospel with orphaned children never factored into my plans. However, God gave me several opportunities in high school and through college to go on short term mission trips. He used those trips to teach me about Himself, my own heart, and to work into me a heart that longs to serve Him. Two of those trips were to Bethesda Outreach in South Africa. Combined, I spent 9 months serving with this ministry and nothing has ever challenged me more. I love this children’s village and I cannot wait to be there full time. I am excited to be able to serve God with my life teaching these orphans about the Gospel.


I come from a large family..3 brothers and a sister. My dad is a pastor in Livonia, MI, and my mom has always been a stay at home mom who took care of our family in every way! My oldest brother, Evan, is a corrections officer in Louisville, KY. My sister, Emilee, is married and lives in California with her husband Matt and their son. Matt is in the Air Force. My brother, Ethan, lives in Livonia, MI, as does my youngest brother, Everette.


God began to work in my heart when I was sixteen and I was able to participate in a mission trip to Mexico City, Mexico. He began to grow in me a love for missions that continued to develop through the next few years. When I was eighteen I was able to take a six month ministry trip to Bethesda Outreach in South Africa, at the end of which I knew I would remain involved with this ministry for the rest of my life. Little did I know it would be as a full time missionary! God continued to create in me a heart that was open to missions and willing to serve Him. Two years later I went back to Bethesda for three months. One of my goals for that trip was to pray and see if full time missions with Bethesda was a possibility for me. When I left at the end of the summer I knew that God was leading me into full time missions.

Education Background

I was homeschooled through high school and then attended Boyce College, the undergraduate program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated in May of 2009 with my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling. Following my graduation, I enrolled in an accelerated program at Indiana University Southeast that allowed me to obtain my teaching license. I completed that program May of 2011.


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