An Update…Finally!

I never fully realized how difficult it would be for me to do it all. Learn a different culture, keep up with every day things {like cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping}, lesson plan, teach, do everything I need to do as a teacher, keep up with things happening at home, and do everything I need to do as a missionary – reporting, sending thank you notes, writing updates.

All that to say, forgive me for being so behind on getting an update out! I appreciate your prayers and your support as I settle into life and responsibilities here in South Africa! Thank you to the number of you who have shot me a quick email letting me know you are praying for me. Those messages from home mean so much!

I want to give you an update on the last 3 months of life here! We just completed our first term of school at JCA! Unbelievable! It feels like just yesterday that I was meeting my students…I think my last update was just before school began (whoops)! So let me go back to the beginning…it’s a very good place to start J School began January 13th and life has been non-stop since! I have 22 grade 3 students in my class – 11 boys and 11 girls. Four of my students have found a new family here at Bethesda and the rest of my students are from the community. During Term 1, I got to know my students better – and they got to know me and my expectations. I discovered the different ways my students struggle and excel, had my first parent/teacher conference week, and wrote my first report cards. The term definitely flew by.

Since January, I have found out that I will be an Auntie for the 4th time in September {YAHOO!}, celebrated a birthday, found a church, broken the screen on the phone I just got (sigh), explored Hammanskraal and Pretoria a bit, and have begun to build relationships here at Bethesda. I am so thankful for my teammates who are both a fountain of knowledge and a great comfort when my heart becomes overwhelmed.

I’ve got a few things that you can be praying about!

  • Please continue to pray for the students in my class. Pray that they would work hard and do their job (school) well and for soft hearts as they are confronted with the Gospel on a daily basis.
  • Pray for me as I teach and learn and grow! Pray that I will have patience, grace, and wisdom as I work with these kids. I love each of them already and there are opportunities every day to show them Christ.
  • I have found a church! You can now pray for me as I get to know/get involved in the community of church.

I miss home and the familiarity it holds, but I am loving my new life here in RSA! Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support! Feel free to start planning your trips to come visit!


2 thoughts on “An Update…Finally!

  1. Thanks for the update, Ellie!! Sounds like you are busy, but doing GREAT! We miss you and are praying for you! xoxo Colette

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