Dusty Feet and Zebras

I made it! South Africa is now my home. Woah. Not sure that one has sunk in yet. I woke up with the sun this morning and very quickly began to hear the noises of this new home. Strange bird calls, big trucks driving by, and sweet, sweet little voices saying ‘She’s hear!’ There’s so much about my Africa that I had forgotten about…but the memories all came sweeping back as I walked around the property. The smells, the old, familiar buildings, and the dusty feet…your feet never seem to get clean here.
Friday, my first day here, was spent unpacking (and then repacking all my winter clothes to store elsewhere until they are needed), getting re-acquainted with the village and checking out the new additions since I was last here, meeting staff and kids, saying ‘hello’ to the kids I remember and marveling at how big they’ve gotten, going grocery shopping for some basics (and seeing some Zebras on the way), and having dinner with friends.

Saturday, we tried with all our might to get a South African bank account set up, to get a cell phone for me, and to get my internet up and running. Six hours later, we had accomplished only 1 of those tasks! But that is fine. I’m simply getting re-acquainted with how things work here! I’m very thankful that I was able to get my internet set up! Later this week we will work on the cell phone, the bank account, the car search, and everything else that comes along with moving to another country. For now, I am content with our 1 triumph!

Sunday brought with it more firsts. I was staying out in the bush overnight with friends who were taking me to church with them, and we woke up to one of the dogs having porcupine quills shot into him. So the day was rearranged a bit to make sure we could get the dog taken care of and still attend church and have lunch with a couple from the church. I decided that when I do move off Bethesda’s property, it will not be into the bush!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support as I transition to life here! There is still much to be accomplished before school begins in January! Specifically, you can pray for me to be able to get a bank account opened and for me to be able to find a good, reliable vehicle soon and at a good price! I so appreciate your prayers for me!