2 months to go…

Sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with things to write, and I haven’t felt particularly inspired lately, but I do have a bit of news that I wanted to make sure I shared with you all! At the beginning of this month, I drove to Chicago to drop off my visa application. It was a relatively disappointing trip, I felt. I came home with documents I had ‘done wrong’, a money order that was made out for too much because that morning they had decided to drop the rates, and an assurance from the woman I worked with that they would not even look at my application until the end of November. I was frustrated. But when I got home, I reworked my documents, got a new money order, and mailed it all back to the SA consulate general. I was nervous that more would go wrong, that they would find my application unsatisfactory in some way, and I was preparing myself to hear that they were only willing to give me a visa for 1 year…or less. Contingency plans were floating through my head for a few days. Last week, I received an envelope that contained my passport. Inside that passport was a South African visa…FOR 3 FULL YEARS! God is good all the time.

So what does the rest of my time stateside look like? I have a few more meetings to share with churches in the next month, but most of my time will be spent on the practical stuff like, ‘how do I pack my life in 3 50lb bags?” I have declared November to be ‘family month’. I fly to CA on Nov. 5th to spend about a week with my sister and nephews, and then I will bring them back to MI with me. My oldest brother is also getting married at the end of November, so we will all be traveling down to KY for that occasion! My entire family (In-laws and everything) will hopefully be in MI around the first week of December and we will celebrate Christmas together before I leave for SA. I think we are all looking forward to that week!

I do so appreciate your prayers and support as I spend my last two months in the states. Please continue to pray as I prepare to go! I would like to quickly introduce you to another Bethesda family before I finish up here. I normally try to put a picture up with my introductions, but wordpress isn’t allowing me to upload anything right now, so if you would like to see a picture of the Shikwambane’s, please visit www.bethesdaoutreach.org.

Fritz and Masello Shikwambane joined Bethesda in 2003. Fritz serves as the Houseparent Supervisor as well as pastors a local church. Fritz and Masello have welcomed many children into their home over the years. Currently, Masello looks after the 7 children in their home and both have faithfully taught their children the Gospel and how to live that out in their lives.