They’re just spoons…

I am not by any means a writer. I don’t enjoy it very much, but sometimes I’m just hit with this overwhelming need to get all the thoughts that are screaming through my head out on ‘paper’. So forgive the ramblings of a young woman whose life is in transition, who just needs to digest some thoughts through writing…

This week I started a project that I have been dreading. It’s probably something that every missionary getting ready to leave for the field dreads. I started sifting through all of my earthly possessions and sorting them into piles of sell, keep, and take. Every item I pick up is evaluated. I ask, “Are you worth packing into a suitcase and lugging halfway around the world?” and, “Will I use you in Africa?” and if the answer to that is yes, “Do I NEED you?” It’s a tough process…not much is making the cut. The majority of my possessions are finding themselves gently and lovingly placed in the ‘sell’ pile.

There’s only so much of this I can handle every day. Detaching from all of my things is hard…probably more because it signals the beginning of the end than because I really love all my stuff. Today, I hit that point as I was sifting through my kitchen stuff. When I lived in Kentucky, I stayed in an apartment and I have built up my kitchen collection since then so that I can now fully outfit a kitchen. Very well. I love to cook and bake so these items are some of my favorites things.

Today, nearly every kitchen item I have now sits in a ‘sell’ pile. When I was nearly done sorting through my kitchen supplies, I grabbed a hold of a spoon set. They are Pampered Chef bamboo spoons and I adore them. They don’t take on any odor or color of what you are stirring like ordinary wooden spoons do. These spoons have some sort of magical powers and this afternoon, I had convinced myself that I couldn’t survive without them in Africa. But as my hands clutched those spoons and moved to put them in my ‘keep forever and never let them go’ pile, my logical side broke through and I actually said out loud, “They’re just spoons”. I carefully put my beloved spoons in the ‘sell’ pile.

Today was a reminder for me. Today I was reminded that the spread of the Gospel is FAR more important than bamboo spoons. My heart longs for the comforts that I can find in my things. But I am not called to be comfortable. I am called to love God and make disciples.

So, this summer, I will have a garage sale and I will sell or give away nearly everything I own. Not because I’m amazing, and not because I’m doing something amazing. I’m selling my things because I serve an amazing God, and He has called me to ‘go’. So I will. Pray for me.