It was Michigan in August of 2008. I had just returned from three months in South Africa and I was getting ready to head back to Boyce for my senior year of college. I had recently learned how to knit and I decided that I was going to make a really big blanket. I’d never knitted anything before, but something in me thought that I was equal to the task…years past and I would knit on it as I had the desire and time.

Fast-forward to today. As I knit the last few stitches into this blanket, my mind began to wander to 6 and a ½ years ago when I made the rash decision to begin making it. At that time, there was not too much certainty in my life. I was nearing the end of my college career and I was wrestling through many big decisions…one of which was whether or not God was negotiating me down a path that lead to Bethesda Outreach.

Well, I am exceedingly excited to share with you all that, as I finish up this blanket, I am also officially finishing up my time on this side of the Atlantic Ocean! Lord willing, I will be leaving for South Africa to serve with Bethesda Outreach by the beginning of December! That’s less than 10 months away! AH!

I have been in conversations with the elders at Berean, the leadership at FGM, and the Director of Bethesda, and we are all in agreement that even though I am currently at 63%, we need to move forward with the plan to leave the U.S. for South Africa by the first week of December. Any deficit I still have by the end of this year will be covered by the excess donations I have in my relocation fund.

So what happens now? Great question! For the next 10 months I will be working my hardest to reach 80-85% of regular monthly support. If I can reach (or surpass!) this goal, it will prolong the time I am able to work at Bethesda before I would need to come home to raise more support. Then, in early December, my church will commission me, I will pack up all my things, and I will hop on an airplane headed for South Africa, ready to begin a new school year with Jabulane Christian Academy in January!

Now, can I ask you all for some help? Please PRAY for me!

1) Pray that I will be able to gain sufficient support in the next 10 months.
2) Pray that God would connect me with people who are eager to partner with me.
3) Pray for my heart as I prepare to leave my family and friends.
4) Pray about joining my support team!

If you are interested in joining my support team, please let me know! You can find more information about how to donate here!

Thank you all for the support you have shown me in the last 2 years! I am so excited about the next chapter I am about to begin! Please keep praying for me as I finish up this year!

Finished project!

Finished project!