Take time to stop and smell the roses…

Well, I’m officially old. I’m fairly certain I pulled my back out this morning and have been on the couch icing my back all morning. At very strategic times, I think God does some drastic things to force me to stop and take a break…unfortunately, they are not always enjoyable! A few months ago, He let my car break down in the middle of Ohio on a Sunday night, effectively stranding me for an entire day in hicksville, OH with nothing to do but relax…I didn’t even have  my computer with me, so no work could be done and I spent the whole day reading and exploring the town. I guess I was due for another forced break today. Since I’m not able to get all the things done I had planned to accomplish today, I thought I would shoot out some specific prayer requests and share some praises from the last few weeks! Hopefully this will help you all pray for me! So here goes…

  • Please pray for quick healing for my back…this has never happened before and I’m already antsy to get back to normal!
  • Pray for open doors and opportunities to share! I am speaking at a church in Saginaw and the following week I travel to Texas for another church presentation! God is providing!
  • Pray for safety as I am beginning to travel more/further from home.
  • Pray for strength, joy, and discipline as I continue to contact churches and as I try to connect with people!

And here are some great things God has been doing!

  • I am praising God for giving me new friends in every church I visit! I am so thankful to be able to see the body of Christ at work all over the states!
  • I have had the opportunity to meet with several churches and individuals in the last several weeks and God has been providing both prayer and financial partners everywhere I go!
  • Yesterday, I was able to connect with three churches that are interested in having me come share, two of which have already said they will most likely partner with me financially!

Thank you so much for caring for me and bringing me faithfully before the Lord!


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