Left behind…

This adventurous missionary does not like to be the one left behind. I love the excitement of a new journey, even when it includes painful goodbyes at the beginning. What was ahead for this adventurer always helped to dull the pain of leaving loved ones behind. For most of my life, I have been able to be the ‘leaver’. When I was 18, I left for 6 months to South Africa; then I moved to KY for college, another Africa trip, and then another move – back to MI this time. My life always felt like it was moving forward…I was going places…making and reaching goals.

Well, over the course of two weeks, I have been left behind. Twice. Not fun. Close friends of mine moved to Texas for several months and my brother left for Marine boot camp for three months. As I’ve been thinking about being left behind, I realized why I was struggling as much as I was with it. My own life feels static. I feel a little stuck in this ‘fund-raising’ part of my life…adventure and achieving my current goals feels very far away right now. It’s easy to fall into discouragement and long for the day when I get to board a plane for one of the biggest adventures of my life.

Every time this temptation to be discontented with where God has me right now pops up, I remember a conversation I had with a good friend of mine in Kentucky. She helped to remind me that God’s plans are not flawed. In His sovereign plan, He has me in MI, still raising support, when I heart would long to be in South Africa already. It is not a mistake that I have been working on this much longer than I ever anticipated. God is teaching me valuable lessons right now and I must rest and trust in Him and His timing.

This song has been one that has encouraged me and healed much discouragement. I hope it’s a blessing to you all too!



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