I’m a nanny. I work with a 6 year old girl and a 9 year old girl. I love working with them; it’s challenging, funny, and stretching! But lately, they have been testing my patience…and the biggest issue we are working out is excuses. Just this morning, we had a problem with one girl not wanting to change her shirt for school. The conversation went like this: Girl: “Ellie? Can I just wear the shirt I slept in to school today?” Me: “No. We wear clean clothes to school each day.” Girl: “BUT ELLIE! I only wore it once…” Sigh. We continued our little chat, addressing the issues of talking back, arguing, and making excuses. Sometimes, it wears on you…and my name is not BUT ELLIE!
However, this morning made me consider my own life and heart. Do I make excuses like my girls do? Do I say, “BUT GOD!” Do I accept His plans…His changes to my life…without arguement? Or do I insist on trying to change His mind…do I insist on making it known that I think I am right and He is wrong? That His decision isn’t acceptable…that I know best?
I know that I am just as guilty of making excuses as my girls are…probably worse. Are you? I am so thankful for the graciousness of my Savior and for His patience with me! I need these little reminders every day.