Parenthood ~ A vision of our Heavenly Father

I had the joy of spending 2 weeks in California visiting my sister, brother in law, and my new nephew! It was an absolutely wonderful time and I am definitely missing them very much right now…the addition of this new little man in my life is going to make it all the more difficult to leave the country when the time comes. Anyway, no need to dwell on that right now! Those 2 weeks have cemented in my mind a few truths about my Heavenly Father and I wanted to share them with you all. I pray that it is an encouraging reminder to each of you!

It has been amazing to see the patience and love that flows out of my sister and brother in law as they care for this infant who eats, sleeps, poops, and cries 🙂 Their patience and love, because it is human and therefore broken, will falter in the years to come…there will be bumps in the road and trials that they cannot even imagine right now as they hold this tiny baby boy, yet the love of parents is still a reflection of our Heavenly Father. His love for us will not falter. He will not loose His patience with us. He does not make any mistakes as he leads us.

Comfort – nothing calms my nephew down like being in his momma’s arms. He can be screaming at the top of his lungs, unable to be consoled by anyone else, and the moment she takes his little body and snuggles it to hers, he relaxes and all is well with the world.  Why is that? Wanna know what I think? Yes? Great. Because I was gonna share with you even if you said no. I think it’s directly related to how closely their two bodies are linked. For 9 months he grew inside of her…heard her heartbeat, her voice, felt her movements and warmth…and now that he is not within her, he still relies on her for food, warmth, and comfort. That ability to comfort him will continue even as he grows. When he is hurt or scared, disappointed or worried, chances are he will run to those arms again. Shouldn’t it be like that with our Heavenly Father? Shouldn’t there be that closeness with Him? Shouldn’t He be our source of ultimate comfort and our source of sustenance?

My prayers for myself over the last few weeks have been a reflection of what I learned over those two weeks. I’ve been praying for my relationship with Christ to become more intimate, linked so closely that He is the one I run to with my joys and my discouragements. I know my Father loves and cares for me more deeply that I can even imagine. What a wonderful truth!