If you have ever asked me how my day/week has been, I have probably responded with one word. “BUSY”…which would probably  have been followed by a litany of things I had been doing or still needed to get done. Over the last few months this ‘busy’ has only gotten worse. I’m working 50+ hours a week, keeping a weekend schedule that I think is probably insanity, and traveling like no one’s business. Oh. And I’m trying to raise support to move overseas. What are the results of this you ask? Good question. I’ve told several people over the course of the last few weeks that I feel like I’m losing/have lost my mind…and I think that may be true.

I was reading a blog by Kevin DeYoung on The Gospel Coalition’s website called “Three Dangers of Being Crazy Busy”…if you are like me, and you feel your life is getting out of control, don’t read this article unless you want to be overcome with conviction. DeYoung outlined a few major dangers to watch out for if you are ‘crazy busy’ and they resonated deeply with my soul. I want to share a few thoughts with you concerning these dangers. DeYoung writes:

As much as we must pray against the devil and pray for the persecuted church, in Jesus’ thinking the greater threat to the gospel is sheer exhaustion. Busyness kills more Christians than bullets. How many sermons are stripped of their power by lavish dinner preparations and professional football? How many moments of pain are wasted because we never sat still enough to learn from them? How many times of private and family worship have been crowded out by soccer and school projects? We need to guard our hearts. The seed of God’s word won’t grow to fruitfulness without pruning for rest, quiet, and calm. http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2012/12/05/three-dangers-of-being-crazy-busy-2-of-3/

How true is this statement in my life? Have I wasted moments of pain? Have I choked out the seed of God’s Word in my heart? Have I left time for communion with God in my busy schedule? Or is that something I can easily push to the side because I ‘have too much on my plate’?

DeYoung proposes that busyness can be used to cover up the rot in our souls…I know in my own life I tend to feel useless if I am not busy, like my worth in God’s eyes is directly connected to how much I can accomplish. Lies.

Busyness does not mean you are a faithful or fruitful Christian. It only means you are busy, just like everyone else. And like everyone else, your joy, your heart, and your soul are in danger. We need the word of God to set us free. We need biblical wisdom to set us straight. What we need is the Great Physician to heal our over-scheduled souls.

So, fellow crazy busy, struggling friend, let’s evaluate our souls and our schedules. Lets discipline our lives and set our relationship with the Lord as our priority. Let’s dig into God’s word. Let’s pray for healing. I know I need to.


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